ARGS2CLP.EXE: Description

The program with the somewhat unwieldy name Arguments-to-Clipboard (ARGS2CLP.EXE) is a Windows application by ERCC that copies its "arguments" or parameters to the clipboard. It is a console program with minimal display (message box before copying).

ARGS2CLP was primarily developed for the purpose, to copy the names (full file names including path) of selected files to the clipboard. For ease of use, the program should be integrated into the context menu of Windows Explorer, for example using a program shortcut in the SendTo folder.

In principle, ARGS2CLP transfers all call parameters as well as standard input in the console window (stdin). This also allows to copy the redirected output of other console programs. For example:

dir | args2clp

Of course it may be necessary to indicate the program path for ARGS2CLP.EXE (or include it in the PATH environment variable).

Called without any parameters ARGS2CLP takes the console input line by line. Enter Ctrl+Z to finish. (Typing Ctrl+C cancels execution.)

License, Download

ARGS2CLP is provided as freeware and "as is" without any warranty or liability. Of course, suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Download  args2clp.exe and save it to a folder of your choice.

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