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Welcome to ERCC!

My name is Erhard Riedel. I am a freelance computer consultant living in Germany, Europe.
My main business is user support, but I also work as IT analyst, programmer, author, and technical writer. This site contains information about that.

It additionally provides some articles written for computer users and some software, esp. Windows utilities, that might be of interest. Because those pages are in German, I'm constellating some translations here.

Currently the following English pages are available:

Windows Scripting: Alternatives to VBScript  
Windows Scripting: File & Folder Selection  
Windows Scripting: Multiple Choice Selection  
Tool: Windows script component DynaLib 1.2  
Windows mail client: Popcorn 1.99.8 (2022)  
Utility: Return Windows version data  
Tool: Windows script component VTOOL 3.5.1  
Utility: Copy arguments (file names) to Windows clipboard  
Tool: Windows script component FILEDLG (file/folder selection)  
Windows: File operations without Explorer  
Windows utility: Open internet shortcut files  
Tool: Windows script for backup copying (BAKCOPY)  
Utility: Windows scripts to copy folders and files (FolderCopy)  
Windows: Extending the Explorer context menu  
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