Popcorn 1.99.8 (June 2022)

Popcorn is a lightweight and portable email client for Windows that was developed by Ultrafunk ( and provided as freeware (open source). Development and support ended in 2012, the last release was 1.99.3, still available through and some download sites (e.g. The Portable Freeware Collection).

Because I like to use Popcorn and want to keep this nice program, I created an update, based on the original code, with the following improvements:

Apart from that, this version is like the predecessors.


Download and extract to a folder of your choice. The program itself (popcorn.exe) doesn't require any installation procedures and uses the program folder for mail account configuration data.
Please observe the included read-me file.


As described in the program documentation, Popcorn optionally uses two additional modules (DLL files) for SSL/TLS that are based on the OpenSSL development. As of Popcorn 1.99.8 the version of these OpenSSL libraries can be selected. This allows the alternative usage of newer DLL variants.

The current OpenSSL versions are 3.0 and 1.1.1. The version 1.0.2 used by Popcorn so far dates from 2019 and is now outdated.
The version is selected via a new settings value SSLLibraries.

The following table provides an overview of the versions and associated DLL files.

OpenSSL Version Libraries SSLLibraries
1.0.2 ssleay32.dll + libeay32.dll 0 (default)
1.1.1 libssl-1_1.dll + libcrypto-1_1.dll 1
3.0 libssl-3.dll + libcrypto-3.dll 2

However, the OpenSSL project itself only offers source code, but informally refers to some binary distributions. This also includes download addresses for the Win32 DLLs mentioned as part of prepared packages.
For usage, choose an edition of the libraries for 32-bit Windows, preferably without external dependencies. Download the package and extract or copy the two DLL files into the Popcorn folder. If necessary, set the value of SSLLibraries accordingly in Popcorn (Settings dialog) and restart the program.

System Conditions:
The DLLs of the newer OpenSSL versions 1.1.1 and 3.0 depend on functions of the Windows API that do not exist before Windows Vista.
Note that some provided binaries may have additional dependencies (e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio runtime DLLs).

Source Code

The file contains the original code of version 1.99.3 together with the updated source files.

License, Notes

Ultrafunk's license allows usage and alterations of the original source code as long as the resulting applications are still unlimited freeware.
Please note that you download and use this program at your own risk, for I do not assume any warranty or responsibility.

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