OpenURLfile: Description

OpenURLfile is a simple application that retrieves the URL (web address) from an internet shortcut file (.url, .desktop, .webloc) and hands it to your browser. Usually Windows can straight open .url files but doesn't know what to do with the other types. Of course you can open such file with a text editor and then mark and copy the enclosed URL. So this is an application just for convenience.

OpenURLfile looks up the registry to find and use the standard browser on your system. You can however define any desired program by creating a text file browser.dat in the OpenURLfile folder. That file should contain a single command line, e.g.:

C:\Program Files\Opera\opera.exe %s

OpenURLfile will replace the "%s" part (the parameter) by the URL and then invoke the command via Windows shell.

To open an internet shortcut file with OpenURLfile use the Open With option that Windows provides. Doing this for the first time may require you to point exactly to the openurl.exe program.

If OpenURLfile is called without an argument (file name) the dialog window for file selection is displayed.

Notes, License, Download

OpenURLfile is provided as freeware and "as is" without any warranty or liability. Of course, suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Download  openurl.exe and save it to a folder of your choice.

Note: The program is for the purpose described above. There is no relation to the OpenURL called standard for linking documents.

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